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Best Love Poems

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Love Poem

(Fall In Love Poems)

The One
by Kevin M. Bass

There's so many ways
To show you how i feel
And to express to you baby
That my love for you is real
Ill try every way
And ill always stay true
Becuz without you in my life
I don't know what i would do
Your the seed that's let me grow
And the light that's let me shine
Babe your a perfect picture painted
And i want u to always be mine
Since the day we been together
Only memories have been made
All the affection that were showed
I know our love will never fade
Your my best friend and my lover
And soon to be my wife
Why ask for anything better
U've given me the perfect life
I know a lot girls hear this
Guys say this a ton
But baby i deeply mean this
You truly are the one 

written by: Kevin M. Bass
copyright 2009 Kevin M. Bass

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