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Sweet Love Poems

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Love Poem #98

Come With Me

by Miriam M. Wynn

On dusky dank mornings where the sun
refuses to shine,
there are mists across the hilltops
where secrets unfold in time;

wayward souls may find them,
follow me into the gray,
gray foliage of whispered hours,
here beneath the day.

come with me:

i will take you to where my heart
slowly, quickly,
fast unto your arms;
embrace me,
kiss me,
surrender to the twilight day;

for where sunshine is
is also darkness,
this behind the gleaming mirrors;
break them, and you will find nothing;
enter them and become
eternal light.

come with me:

to secrets, to lies;
come with me where fate unwinds;
let me
talk to you, tell you all my stories;
here beneath the dusk of day.

listen to me tell you my meaning,
here inside my soul where thoughts are
steaming, teeming,
horses at the bit,
eager to burst astray.

come with me:

i am afraid to go alone;
i am tired to go so long alone,
here in the darkness of
distant day;

give me your arms, your hands,
your body,
buoy me up like a lost balloon;
yet hold me still by string and tether,
watch me jump between the clouds.

come with me:

i go with you,
to be lost, to be found,
to be free among the dusky
promises of day;
i go with you,
to be understood,
to make connections so rare these days;

i go with you,
along the silent paths,
always to catch up with you.'

Miriam M. Wynn
copyright @2001 Miriam M. Wynn

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